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Hiring a motivational speaker to motivate your team is one of the best decisions you can make. A motivational speaker is the first step towards ensuring that your event is successful. They can energize and excite an audience and motivate them to take action. If you are looking for a persuasive speaker who will keep your audience engaged while also providing positive inspiration, then we are the right choice for you.

Benefits of Hiring Us for Your Next EventExperience

Our Motivational Speakers are highly experienced, having trained for years on public speaking, speaking skills, and overall professional development. This experience has given our motivational Speakers a wealth of knowledge and tips to help speakers become more confident.Combining their expertise with state-of-the-art technology, our motivational keynote speakers have a contagious energy and the ability to make participants laugh. It’s easy to see why hiring our motivational Speakers can add spice to any program or event!

Goal-Based Presentation

All of our speeches are goal-oriented, and this means that our speakers focus on helping clients identify and achieve their goals rather than speaking to a general audience. Our corporate keynote speaker can tailor a speech precisely to align with your brand, product, or service, besides addressing an industry-specific plan (which is why we're so great at corporate events!)

Quality Storytelling

If a speaker isn’t connecting with their audience, it can often be traced back to approaching their material. The best motivational speakers don’t just deliver random ideas and facts—they instead use their stories to get a message across.The best motivational speakers are good storytellers in that they not only have a great deal of knowledge but can also weave an emotional narrative. We train our professional speakers to tell engaging stories that motivate and inspire audiences, whatever the type of motivation they need. This allows listeners to relate and connect personally, leading to greater understanding.

We Entertain and Inspire

When it comes to getting people inspired in an event, it’s not just about informing them of why they need to attend. It’s also about capturing their imagination and making them feel excited about what is coming up. Our great speakers accomplish both by creating a captivating presentation with audience participation, interactive elements, and humorous moments.

We Help Reiterate the Values, Vision, and Mission of Your Company

Our team of professional motivational speakers can help to reiterate and clarify company values, vision, and mission. By explaining these in an inspiring way, employees are more likely to understand their role in those concepts, which can help them find meaning in their work. We help make sure your event has a mix of professional, motivational speakers that will provide valuable insight into issues like changing trends and workplace behavior.

Inspirational speakers in Alberta

Hiring a motivational speaker can be an excellent addition to any conference, meeting, or training session. It's our goal to motivate and inspire you. We look forward to speaking at your next event. Please contact us today about our online event guest speakers in Canada.To book Carlin Nordstrom for an event, please call 306-716-5761 or email