Canada Motivational Speakers

A great keynote speaker is the essential component that can make or break your event. There are a wide range of experts in specific fields of study who occasionally take on roles a keynote speakers. It can be time-consuming and frustrating to search around looking for the perfect person to pair with your event.

Recognize Why You Want To Hire Inspirational Speakers

Is your goal to pass information to the audience? You may require a motivational speaker or content expert relevant to the target industry and/or topic. An industry expert could be convenient if you have a particularly message you need to get across to an audience. But what if the event is more personal and the message is to be internalized? You don't want to get stuck with a technician reading off their PowerPoint slides.

When to Hire Motivational Keynote Speakers 

Inquire about booking a speaker and include where generally in Canada, you'll be meeting. The earlier, the better. Clients will book our high-demand keynote speakers beforehand, not just to get them on their schedule but to give them time to prepare within the scope of the topic or task. A canned speach just will not have the same resonance as some impactful truth from the heart.

Is A Motivational Speaker Worth It?

A good motivational speaker is always worth securing. If your event coordination goals are to bring people together to a central area or to get them talking to each other, a speaker is a great way to do that wthout pulling people out of their comfort zone. Even something that sounds innocuous and fun like a live band will have some people detracting due to volumes or an aversion to dancing, standing off to the side or against the walls. A great speaker should leave the audience with a strong, memorable message that impacts the team bringing them together. The grouping experience is worth the investment. Consider the size of the listener base: a more expansive audience means more people will be part of the shared experience. The motivational speaker should be loaded with unique perspectives tailored to your group and not generic sayings we have all heard before. 

How to Seek and Hire a Good Motivational Speaker​
-Making inquiries

Get ideas from family and friends related to inspiring or memorable talks they've seen.
Industry associations can be a good place to start.
Ask national organizations for recommendations of people or topical issues to cover.
Reach out to Speakers Bureaus which represent some of the international speakers in the world. Usually, they have worked with people and have a quality and proven excellent track record. Note that bureaus do not charge you a fee.
Search the Internet, you will get thousands of results. Although it happens to be the most time-consuming, you will find various options. Also, you will have more negotiating power by reaching out to keynote speakers directly.

Why a Motivational Speaker?

Once you have a few speakers to choose from, dive into their websites and look at their program descriptions. Watching their speaking demo video is the best way to judge motivational speakers that suit your theme, message, and style.

The Motivational Speaker Video​

This is the best source to judge a motivational speaker's quality and ability with your audience is to watch their videos look. Observe their mannerisms with a crowd, energy level, sense of humor, the message relayed. Once you have shortlisted multiple motivational speakers, reach out to them to check their fees, availability, and content. It is essential to check availability before hiring a motivational speaker. Or else, you may find yourself wasting a lot of energy on an unavailable keynote speaker.

Do Motivational Speakers Negotiate Their Payment?

Most motivational speakers are willing to work within your budget if reasonable. A great testimonial or personal referral to other similar events can be a great negotiation tactic. After choosing a Speaker and negotiating the payment, make sure you get a contract in place. The contract should outline:

· When the discussed fee is due
· Consequences if the speaker bails
· If the speaker can promote products, e.g., books, courses, etc. from the platform
· What happens to deposit if the planner cancels or postpones the event.

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